What is Mozart In Shape?
MIS Group 1

Mozart In Shape is a program of controlling obesity in early childhood. The heart of our approach is prevention. Systematic exercise is the key. Only persistence will establish healthy habits and only good habits have the power to break the vicious cycle of obesity for children who are already overweight.

Exercise influences hunger and it is effective in changing eating habits. It helps transition toward healthy eating and acquiring taste for healthy food.

To help children form the habit to exercise, we employ the most natural and powerful motivator, one that is common to all mammals - game-play. This is what children throughout the world, for millennia, have most enjoyed.

Mozart In Shape takes systematic exercise and turns it into an imitation or imaginary game. Here is how it works:

  1. We take a music piece and analyze its structure.
  2. We conceive a game so that its structure matches the structure of the music piece.
  3. We invent a story that would be interesting for children of a specific age, so that children act it out as part of the game.
  4. We define physical exercises as motions in the game which closely match the structures of the music and story.

With the music, story and physical exercises working together, children easily remember what they have to do.

Bear Doing Pushups Cartoon

As a result, children develop a powerful association between the story of the music and the motions of the exercise. This ensures that they get all the exercise motions right! Children’s natural desire to play the game over and over ensures that they get plenty of exercise while having lots of fun.