How to Use Mozart In Shape

This program can be implemented as the following:


  1. Part of physical education (PE) course-work in schools – for preschool, kindergarten and elementary grades.
  2. A dedicated 15-20 minute period workout during some break in schools.
  3. An afterschool activity.
  4. Eagle and the Ponies Pané

    Other facilities, Organizations and Centers

  5. A fitness activity in the children division of local gyms.
  6. An activity offered by child-care service providers.
  7. A workshop for teachers or parents in local communities.
  8. A physical activity program in recreational facilities such as parks, beaches, and civic centers.
  9. A course in any youth organizations such as Boy Scouts or YMCA, etc.
  10. A physical therapy program in children hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  11. An instructional kit for use in house-holds.
  12. Entertainment

  13. A one-time event for health- promotional campaigns such as fund-raisers for socially beneficial programs or non-profit organizations.
  14. An ongoing series of television shows with live interaction between children-audience and a group of young athlete performers.
  15. An entertainment TV show for family viewing, with participation of various guests such as popular athletes, movie stars and singers.