The History of MIS

The Mozart In Shape concept was formulated in the year 2000. It has its roots in a longitudinal study on the semiotics of music which started in 1995. This research grew into a set of progressive music-based programs built upon the model of linguistic acquisition. Research studies involved thousand of children from schools representing a wide variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Kids Crowd

The resulting method proved exceptionally effective in developing basic music and cognitive skills. This efficacy held across students' ages, racial and cultural contra-distinctions, as verified in such schools as Roscomare Road Elementary, Point Dume Marine Science Elementary, Les Enfants Preschool, Webster Elementary, Baden Place Preschool and Creative Kids. A considerable enhancement of coordination in children was measurable in the student body after a single semester of study.

Having witnessed how much their children loved our exercise activities during music classes, many of the parents asked if we could design some exercise-routine for their kids to repeat at home in order to help them keep active and lose weight. This request prompted us to create exercises for purely physical purposes. And so, Mozart In Shape was born.

Chicken Dance with Sophie

As we carried on in that vein, we noticed that children actually enjoyed these sessions even more so than the music classes. In an effort to increase the athleticism of the program, we looked for a young personal trainer who specialized in working with little children and who was capable of recognizing the musical demands of our method.

After creating our team, we built a curriculum which not only satisfied the physical, developmental and emotional needs of children, but also fulfilled their natural desire for play.

By the year 2008, we were ready to put our program on trial. So, we offered it as free youth classes at Barrington Recreation Center. After receiving unprecedented positive feedback from children's parents, we tested the program at Stoner Recreation Center and Westchester YMCA – on ethnically diverse populations. Confident in our program, we expanded to several other YMCA's in the greater Los Angeles community.

Sleep Walking Trolls

Concurrently, we have been teaching the Mozart In Shape program privately, and have held numerous end-of-term Kids Achievement Shows. Much to the surprise of the audience who didn’t expect fitness to be entertaining, children eagerly demonstrated their favorite workouts on stage. The 30-minute shows flew by with colorful impersonations, humoresque imitations, lively competition, and a host of vibrant playacts, including bubbling good kickups, jumping-jacks, burpees, and more!

The most avid spectators of these shows have always been children in the audience, many of whom were even younger than the performers on stage. We frequently see the little ones in the audience excitedly mimicking what they see on stage!