Mission Statement
Group Exercise

We are taking up a social and cultural crusade to fight obesity by preventing, controlling, and helping children overcome this morbid condition and its related diseases, such as diabetes and heart-degeneration.

Mozart In Shape is an effective way to prevent and combat obesity in children by motivating them to engage in physical activity. With the recent epidemic of childhood obesity and the struggle of existing methods to combat it, there is increasingly high demand for our program.

The usage of classical music allows our program to cross over all ethnic and social boundaries. Children ages 5 to 9, their parents, and their teachers are amongst many who benefit from our innovative approach.

Elephant Doing Weight Cartoon

Mozart In Shape has enormous potential for controlling the obesity pandemic around the globe. Its structure incorporates physical exercise, music, expressive gesture, stories, and acting, which makes it well suited to the most modern forms of interactive communication technologies, such as live streaming and broadcasting.

The purpose of Mozart In Shape is to instill in children a healthy habit, desire, and urge to exercise. This program changes children’s outlook and attitude in relation to exercising, making the entire experience a happy one.

Our ultimate goal is to bring change to children’s total well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally, in a way that is natural and fun. We are confident that Mozart In Shape will motivate all children so much so that they will actually look forward to, and enjoy the experience of working out.